With Kratom enthusiasts increasing in number, Kratom shops and vendors are also sprouting up everywhere. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re all reliable or trustworthy. Moreover, choosing the right vendor isn’t the only task for a Kratom enthusiast. You also have to learn about the Kratom strains, keep up with the news to hear about recent updates of the herb’s legality, and be a part of the Kratom community. Whether you purchase Kratom locally or from an online seller, consider a few crucial things to guarantee quality. Let’s talk about these factors and how they can help get you the best product out there.

Kratom Legality

Some of you may be wondering, is Kratom illegal? No, it isn’t at the federal level but yes, it is in some states. To start with, make sure that Kratom is legal in your area. Thanks to the NGOs like American Kratom Association (AKA), the herb is legal in many states, so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Kratom legality isn’t as simple as legal or illegal. In some areas the herb is banned, while in others it’s considered a controlled substance. You’ll only get in trouble if you’re buying from a city or state where Kratom is ‘criminalized’ as that could translate to fines and legal action.

Expensive Isn’t Always the Best

Like any other product or service, keep in mind that the most expensive Kratom isn’t necessarily the best one. In most cases, the extra cost is indeed for the higher quality, but this isn’t true for every seller.

Some Kratom vendors may be charging you more because they get their product from a distributor instead of directly from the supplier. With an intermediary in the equation, the vendor has to raise the price to pay for this extra cost.

Similarly, if a vendor ships in bulk from Southeast Asia, they’ll have to keep the product in storage facilities. A product that sits for a long time in storage will cost more due to the warehouse rents.

Add in the transit and handling cost, and you’ll end up with a final price much higher than it should be. Thus, whenever you purchase Kratom, make sure you get it from sellers who do not overcharge.

To find the standard market rate, you can compare the prices of different sellers. You’ll quickly pick up the price difference if a particular vendor has ridiculously-high rates.

Cheapest Isn’t the Best Either

Prices lower than the standard market rate are a red flag indicating the product’s lower quality. Along with being low in quality, cheap Kratom is often a mixture of Kratom and other substances.

Suppose you usually buy 50 grams of Kratom, considering it’s high-quality. Now, if you find a cheap deal at a seller, you may have to buy 100 grams of the strain to get the same concentration level.

In the end, you’ll be spending the same amount of money. So, why not buy the high-quality Kratom the first time?

Lab Testing

To check a seller’s credibility, you must see if their products are tested from third-party labs. Why is a wordy self-guarantee not enough? Because every seller will tell you that they’re better than others, the third-party test results will add authenticity to their claims.

However, be careful when selecting a vendor because some of them may steal lab results from a reputed Kratom seller’s website and claim them as their own.

Different Kratom Strains

Another thing to keep in mind when you purchase Kratom is the multiple varieties. To start, ask yourself which strain do you want to buy? Do you have a preference, or did your friend suggest a particular variety?

You may be tempted by the Maeng Da Kratom hype or ready to experiment with Kratom capsules. Whatever your preferences are, make sure that the vendors you buy Kratom from have them in stock. Otherwise, you’ll have to place multiple orders with different sellers.

And we all know what that means; the dreaded shipping costs.

Instead, if you find a reliable online or local vendor to purchase Kratom from, place your full order together. If it exceeds a specific limit, you can qualify for free shipping.

Sample Products

If you’re unsure about which route to go, you can go for free samples. While most reputed sellers have samples for first-time buyers, others offer beginner’s packs that are smaller and cheaper.

In this way, you can know about different strains without spending a fortune. Typically, the beginner’s pack has enough Kratom powder to give you a hint of what to expect from the vendor.


Whether you’re going to purchase Kratom for the first time or are on the lookout for a new seller, there are many ways to test a vendor’s credibility. This guide covers some basic tips and tricks that can help you find the right sellers.


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