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So, you have decided to buy Kratom for the first time? Great, as the herb is trending nowadays in the US, with more than 5 million regular buyers. However, you must be wondering what is next? What is the first thing you need to do to start with Kratom?

Well, you need to start with deciding about the Kratom strain you want to buy. In that case, why not start with a strain that is among the most popular strains in the world? Yes, we are talking about Bali Kratom.

No wonder if you are buying Kratom for the first time, or want to switch to a new Kratom, Bali Kratom makes a great option. Keep reading to learn about this amazing Kratom, and why is it one of the most in-demand Kratom strains out there.

What is Bali Kratom?

Bali Kratom is one of the dozens of Kratom strains available in the market today. As the name suggests, the Kratom comes from Indonesia, but it doesn’t grow in Bali. Surprising?

Well, the name Bali is only due to the Bali port, which is used to export this strain to the rest of the world. Bali is a beautiful island and a top tourist attraction in Indonesia, but the island is not known for Kratom farms.

At this point, you must be wondering, so where does it come from? Well, the Kratom is sourced from thick Indonesian rainforests and islands like Sumatra and Borneo. Bali Kratom grows when Sumatra Kratom and Borneo Kratom cross-fertilize. This means you can find the qualities and characteristics of both of these strains in Bali Kratom.

You can now also find a few Bali Kratom farms in Thailand and Malaysia using the same fertilization methods. However, Indonesia is still the largest exporter of Kratom in the world, with 95% of all Kratom produced and exported from Indonesia.

Other Forms of Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom comes in a wide variety of forms. Of course, it all started from the powder. But today, kratom facilities also produce Bali kratom capsules along with Bali kratom waxes, Bali kratom tea, and Bali kratom candles. Other than that, tinctures made from Bali kratom are also available at some stores.

There is no limitation to the type of products. Experts continue to derive various new additions. For instance, the Bali Kratom soap is a more recent addition to the line. Similarly, some stores also sell the crushed leaf version of Bali kratom. Mostly, Bali Kratom tea comes from these bits of leaves.

So, before you buy Kratom from Bali, you might want to check what forms are available in your nearest kratom stores. If you are confused, it is hard to go wrong with simple Bali Kratom powder. This is a classic product that people have been producing and buying for a long time.

While it became common in the USA not long ago, the history of Bali Kratom powder is quite old. This is a traditional product from Bali. It is deeply etched in the history of Indonesia. According to many reports, the locals of Bali have been selling it for hundreds of years.

Similarly, other regions of Southeast Asia have also been producing Kratom for a very long time. The history of kratom in Thailand goes back to at least several hundred years. But of course, it is not legal in Thailand today. Hence, most of the Thai kratom strains grow in Indonesia where the export is legal.

How is Bali Kratom Made?

The process is quite straightforward. It involves picking the best leaves of Bali Kratom from the trees. After that comes the washing phase, followed by the drying phase. The drying phase is perhaps the most important one as it directly influences the final quality.

After drying for about 10 days, producers then crush the leaves via industrial machines. After crushing, comes the grinding part. This is where the small bits of leaves turn into fine powder. The producers then pack this powder or fill it inside natural capsule shells. Finally, the Bali kratom comes to the United States.

Availability of Bali Kratom

As one of the most popular Kratom strains out there, Bali Kratom is easily available at online and local stores. However, online stores are a better option due to the variety offered and low prices. In case you are confused about where to buy Kratom, check out our recent blog post on the subject.

You can also find it in both Kratom capsules and Kratom powder form. Some stores even sell Bali Kratom extracts and liquid Kratom. If you’re traveling and want to keep Kratom along, Kratom capsules are better. If you want to experiment with Kratom or want to make Kratom tea, Kratom powder is what you should buy.

Kratom Vein Colors

Just like most other Kratom strains, you can also buy Bali Kratom in all three natural vein colors, which include Red Bali, White Bali, and Green Bali. However, the most popular and in-demand variety is Red Bali due to its higher concentration of key alkaloids.

On some stores, like Kratom Source USA, you can also find some rare Kratom colors, like Bali Gold. This version of Kratom is not natural, as there are only three natural vein colors, green, white, and red. However, some other colors with distinctive properties can be produced using modern drying techniques and exposure to sunlight.

Where to Buy Bali Kratom?

If you are looking for the best Bali Kratom with the highest kratom alkaloid composition, check out our store, Kratom Source USA. We specialize in selling kratom and have been operating in the US for a long time.

Today, our kratom goes to buyers throughout the country. Our diverse and extensive buyer base keeps our spirits high! Hence, we continue to serve the kratom community with authentic and 100% fresh kratom products.

Other than the Bali Kratom, we also offer plenty of alternative varieties that come straight from Southeast Asian regions. So, you might want to check out the full catalog on our website.

Final Words

Bali Kratom, especially Red Bali, is one of the most popular Kratom strains among the North American Kratom community. Red Bali is known for its higher concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is, in fact, highest among all the other popular Kratoms.

You can also easily find it in different forms and vein colors on online stores and can get them delivered to your home, as long as there is no Kratom ban in your city or state.


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