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If you are new to the kratom scene, you may be shopping around for a quality vendor. Club 13 Kratom is no stranger to kratom enthusiast but are they a good fit for you? This review will help you get to know this vendor and what they have to offer.

Who Is Club 13 Kratom?

Club 13 is a renowned company that sells herbal products. Their products usually feature Kratom, CBD, and Nicotine as the base ingredients. Moreover, they also sell drug testing kits and merchandise. The company is located at 1715 Lakeside Avenue #4 in St. Augustine, FL.

The fact that Kratom is so closely related to them that ‘Club 13 Kratom’ has become synonymous with their name.

Club 13 Kratom began in 1999 in an era when Kratom products were relatively new to the people in the west. Therefore, we can say Club 13 Kratom is the pioneer of Kratom brands in the west.

Club 13 Kratom Products

Since we are talking about Kratom, we’ll only mention their Kratom products. Club 13 Kratom deals in select, but largely popular Kratom strains, including:

They offer all the natural and enhanced Kratom colors; green, red, gold, and white Kratom.

Club 13 Kratom Forms

They also offer blended Kratom products. Their product range consists of almost all Kratom forms. These include

  • Kratom capsules
  • Kratom powder
  • Kratom liquid extract
  • Kratom vapes
  • Extra strength Kratom
  • Alkaloid enhanced Kratom

Kratom Samples and Bundles

What’s more interesting is, the Club 13 Kratom vendor offers small samples of Kratom powder, weighing just 3.75 grams. So, if you want to be sure that the Kratom they offer is of good quality, you can buy these small samples.

Also, if you want to buy small pouches of different Kratom strains, you can order a bundle. There you go; three pouches of three different strains for you. It’s a smart move.


The price range is quite wide, depending on the quantity, Kratom form, and the type of strain. For example, you can buy Bali Red Kratom Capsules in six sizes. The capsule comes in bottle sizes of 4, 10, 25, 50, 120, and 275 capsules.

Similarly, Red Bali Kratom powder is available in four packagings: 30g, 90g, 150g, and 1 lb. Its price range is $10.25 – $90.20.

Club 13 Kratom Quality

When it comes to quality, whatever a Kratom vendor claims, it must be in black and white, too. How about Club 13 Kratom? Can you check the product quality? Yes!

You can request lab reports by filling out an online form, mentioning your name, subject, product, and lot number. You’ll get their response within 24 to 72 hours after submitting the form online. Moreover, you can call during working hours or send an email to

Club 13 Kratom Deals and Discounts

You can avail of discounts on Club 13 Kratom products, too. If your order exceeds $200, you can use the code DAILYDEALS and get 5% off.

By opting to become a Club 13 Kratom member, you can avail many other discounts that the company shares with loyal customers.

Club 13 Kratom Blog

Club 13 also has a Kratom blog where they share articles, research, and the latest updates in their niche. You can also watch Club 13 podcasts to improve your knowledge.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This means, if you’re not satisfied with Club 13 Kratom products or any other product on their website, you can return them and get a full refund.


Club 13 has a 3-day threshold for shipping. More importantly, the 3-day shipping is free of cost, no matter your order.

Club 13 Kratom Feedback

Club 13 Kratom products are widely popular. Their head shop Kratom in local vape shops and herb stores has earned a good reputation. Customers, in general, are satisfied with the quality of Club 13 products. While 3-day shipping may seem to disappoint a few but 100% satisfaction guarantee coupled with lab-tested products are the positives everyone appreciated.

Final Words

Club 13 Kratom is authentic. It is the veteran brand featuring a wide product range, including Kratom, CBD, Nicotine products, etc. Customers look satisfied with their products, price, and delivery. From product quality to transparent transactions, everything about Club 13 Kratom is up to the mark.

Anyhow, if you want a cheaper option without compromising on quality, Kratom Source USA is one place to visit. We offer Kratom for sale online, which means you can order Kratom in bulk and get higher discounts. We also offer free and secure doorstep delivery to our US-based Kratom buyers.


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