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Understanding Kratom can be a bit tricky if you’re surrounded by misconceptions. That’s why even people who want to buy Kratom are a bit hesitant to do so. However, if you find the right resources, you’ll learn about Kratom pretty easily.

While Green Kratom and Red Kratom are two extremes, White Kratom is an intermediate – the middle child. Thus, it’s a blend of the characteristics of other colors.

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What is White Kratom?buy white kratom capsules

As a newbie, if you think of White Kratom, your mind would instantly picture a white powder. However, that’s not really the case. White Kratom powder looks similar to any other color’s powder.

The reason behind these strains being called white is the vein color of the leaves. Originally, Kratom grows on trees. Much like most other botanical extracts, it comes from the leaves rather than any other part of the plant.

However, Kratom leaves are a bit different from regular leaves that you’ll see around you. They tend to change color depending on the life stage they’re in.

As impressive as that sounds, it’s a bit tricky for the farmers to determine when a particular stage is nearing its end because that indicates the readiness of the plant for harvesting.

Luckily, local farmers are skilled in their job. They are quick to notice when the leaf veins change their color from green to white or white to red. Also, the color change occurs during different seasons or times of the year.

Kratom Colors

By now, you should know that Kratom colors play a huge role in the type of product you’ll get. Generally, the internal composition of the plants differs when they’re in different life stages. That’s exactly what happens with Kratom.

Typically, there are three Kratom colors: buy white kratom online

  • White vein Kratom
  • Green vein Kratom
  • Red vein Kratom

Nowadays, you’ll also find Gold Kratom in some stores. The Gold Kratom is a rare variety and forms due to a color difference in the leaves’ veins during maturity.

No one exactly knows the reason behind this, but enthusiasts have different speculations.

So, when the Kratom plant is still young, the veins are green – like any other plant. As soon as it reaches the mid-stage of its life, the veins start changing color and turn white. At this point, the farmers use the leaves to make White Kratom.

Then, the plant grows a bit more and nears maturity. Here, the leaves have red veins. Now, the Kratom tree is ready to yield Red Kratom.

Some people might be wondering, if all the colors grow on the same tree, what’s the point of harvesting the leaves at different times? Well, that’s because the plant has different alkaloid concentrations at different times of its life.

For instance, Green Kratom does not have a high alkaloid content. On the other hand, Red Kratom is rich in mitragynine and other alkaloids.

White Kratom is in the middle of the spectrum, making it suitable for enthusiasts and beginners.

Where to Buy White Kratom?buy white kratom

After learning about a Kratom strain or color, your first question is: where can I buy Kratom near me? The first place that comes to everyone’s mind is Amazon. However, you can’t buy Kratom Amazon due to different limitations.

Luckily, Google can help you a lot in this regard. A simple search for Kratom in your locality, and you’ll find a list of vendors.

As for White Kratom, you can buy it in different forms, including capsules. Plus, you’ll find different strains of White Kratom as per their native origin.

If you’re not comfortable purchasing from a local vendor or you couldn’t find many options in your region, you can search for White Kratom online instead. Online vendors mostly have a comprehensive stock of different Kratom colors. So, you’ll find White Kratom readily.

At Kratom Source USA, we stock White Kratom in powder and capsules. If you’re a first-timer, you should try White Maeng da Powder.

But if you’re worried about storing the powder and need something more convenient, the White Indo Elephant capsules are your best bet.


Knowing about different Kratom colors is vital since this knowledge will help you make the right choice when you’re buying Kratom. Its importance is such that you’ll find it to be a chapter in the Kratom Bible.

With that being said, you should only buy White Kratom from sellers with a positive reputation and good customer feedback.

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