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Barely any Kratom buyer has a proper understanding of the popular Kratom liquid extract. “Where do they come from and Why are they so special?” are just some of the many questions that customers ask when inquiring about these liquid extracts.

Those of you who are just finding out about this Kratom variety should know that it’s one of the leading forms of Kratom for sale! However, not all Kratom vendors are providing these liquid extracts in their inventory. The reason for this is that this Kratom variety has just entered the Kratom market over a decade ago.

That being said, learning about the famous Kratom liquid extract is very important for present-day Kratom enthusiasts. Not having proper knowledge of this Kratom form could leave buyers confused as these liquid extracts are slightly more complicated than Kratom powders and Kratom capsules.

What Is A Kratom Liquid Extract?

Kratom liquid extracts are one of the newest types of Kratom forms to enter the Kratom market. Over a short time, this Kratom variety has formed a strong bond with Kratom customers throughout the world!

Customers who want to buy these liquid extracts will find that there are two different types available. These are known as Kratom Isolates and Kratom Full Spectrum Extracts. Isolates contain one specific alkaloid whereas Full Spectrum extracts contain all the alkaloids in the Kratom leaf.

Where Are Kratom Liquid Extracts Obtained From?

These Kratom liquid extracts are obtained from the leaves of the Kratom trees found in Southeast Asia. These Southeast Asian regions provide optimal growth conditions for the Kratom tree. The leaves of these Kratom trees contain the alkaloids that are known to give Kratom its personality.

The veins of these leaves change color as they mature and the primary Kratom colors that are available are:

Hence, customers will find that Kratom liquid extracts can be found available in all these colors.

Why Are Kratom Liquid Extracts So Popular?

One simple reason: The high concentration of alkaloids! These varieties are known to possess incredibly high concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These two are the key alkaloids found in Kratom and provide it with a unique alkaloid profile.

Kratom Liquid Extract Basics


Now that you know where this Kratom variety comes from and why it’s so popular, let’s discuss some Kratom liquid extract basics. The first that you should know is that the packaging of these specific Kratom products includes numbering. But what do these numbers represent?

Well, these products go through a grading process which is represented by an ‘X’ on the package. There will be a number before the ‘X’ that will represent the grams of Kratom leaf used in this product. This grading represents the concentration factor of Kratom by volume. For example, a ‘20X’ extract means that 20grams of powdered Kratom leaf were used. These 20grams of powdered Kratom leaf were used to create 1 gram of Kratom liquid extract!

Can You Use Kratom Liquid Extracts To Make Other Products?

Want to know something fascinating about these Kratom liquid extracts? You can create Kratom products at home with them! If you follow the process step by step you can create some interesting products right in the comfort of your home.

For those who love to create, these liquid extracts can open up a whole new world of Kratom! Some of the popular products that customers create at home using these liquid extracts are:

  • Tea extracts
  • Water-based extracts
  • Kratom soap

Other Forms of Kratom

While Kratom liquid extracts are certainly a leading Kratom variety, some other popular forms of Kratom exist as well. These include famed varieties such as Kratom powders and Kratom capsules.

Those who buy Kratom regularly will know that Kratom powders are one of the oldest Kratom varieties available. Hence, they are also one of the most demanded ones! The Kratom capsules are no stranger to high demand as well, even though they entered the Kratom market just recently like the liquid extracts.

Buy Your Kratom from Kratom Source USA

Found out everything you need to know about Kratom Liquid Extracts? Now let’s talk about where you should buy Kratom from. This may seem like an easy task since there are thousands of Kratom vendors available today. However, that’s not the case. This is because some faulty vendors exist in the market who are providing low-quality Kratom for sale.

If you want to make sure you avoid such vendors, just choose to buy Kratom from Kratom Source USA. The Kratom that we provide is 100% pure and authentic as we source it directly from Southeast Asia. Furthermore, we provide an extensive variety of Kratom strains in a variety of Kratom forms. So, why the wait? Buy your Kratom from us now!

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