How Long Can You Store Kratom

When kratom is stored properly, it can have a stable shelf life of 1-3 months so that you can enjoy products and keep them fresh for longer periods. If you are a kratom lover or order in larger sizes, then storing the kratom may be a topic of interest so you can keep your products fresher for longer. For this to happen, the kratom needs to be stored properly so that it isn’t exposed to air, moisture, or direct sunlight. If these steps are taken, kratom powders can be kept for 1-3 months. 

How Long Can You Store Kratom

How To Store Kratom

When you are storing kratom, it has to be protected from air, moisture, and direct lighting. Taking these steps can help your to keep your kratom fresher longer. If done properly, kratom can have an extended shelf life of up to three months. 

Kratom Storage Containers

When storing kratom, you should place the kratom in a sealed, airtight container such as a glass jar with a sealing mechanism or using plastic containers. The important factor is that the jar is sealed and able to protect the kratom from exposure to air. When kratom is exposed to air it can become “stale” and not be as potent. 

When storing kratom, clear containers that allow you to monitor the powder and how much you have left are recommended. It is important to label the containers with the date it was opened and the particular strain name. This allows you to keep track of the dates and know what is stored in the containers. You can use any type of marker or affix the packaging label to the container. After the kratom is labeled, ensure you use the oldest products first to help create less waste. 

Kratom should be stored in sealed containers to protect the powder from moisture. If the kratom powder is exposed to moisture, it is at high risk for molding. Once kratom has molded, it is no longer safe for use and must be discarded. This is a reason that sealed containers are especially important. 

Where To Store Kratom

The final consideration for storing kratom is where it is kept. Kratom should be stored in a dark, cool place such as a cupboard or pantry. When exposed to direct sunlight, it can cause the kratom’s alkaloids to undergo a chemical change that causes a loss in potency. By protecting the kratom from direct light you can help it last longer.

When storing kratom, it should also be in a temperature-stable environment to improve the shelf life. Places like cupboards, pantries, and food storage work better than the warming drawers of ovens, the cabinets above the stove, or outdoor locations like sheds.  

Buy What You Need

Another important factor in kratom storage is to only buy what you need. While it may be tempting to order the largest sizes possible, you should only order what you will be able to use within three months. This prevents you from wasting products because of excess and allows you to keep a variety on hand. 

Can You Freeze Kratom?

Technically yes. Is it a good idea? No. Freezing kratom has a higher chance of exposing the powder to moisture in the freezing and thawing process. The storage must be in airtight containers with a vigilant eye to ensure the seals are not broken and the kratom remains dry. While this can extend the shelf life to 6 months if done properly, it can also ruin a strain and has a high margin of error. 

Kratom Source USA does not recommend freezing kratom but instead opts to recommend stable storage of kratom powders as described above. While it may be possible to freeze, there are simply better options for the storage of products.

Kratom Storage- To Wrap it Up

In short, you can have your kratom last up to three months when stored properly. This involves protecting the kratom from the air, moisture, and direct sunlight that would cause it to mold or lose potency at faster rates. In doing these steps, you can safely extend the shelf life of your kratom and enjoy your products for longer periods of time.


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