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If you are interested in knowing about Kratom, you’re at the right place to start your exploration. While this may not be a Kratom Bible, talking in detail about everything, you can consider it a short version of the Kratom Bible. So, if you want to buy Kratom, but have a few questions in mind, read on to find the best answers.

Kratom: Mitragyna Speciosa

The herb called Kratom is found in Southeast Asia. This region is ideal for Kratom growth as it offers a hot and humid climate and rainfall. The Mitragyna Speciosa plant grows in dense forests of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

The reason why Kratom is so popular around the world is the alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids are present in the Kratom leaf, and its concentration can be as much as 80%.

Kratom trees are quite tall, ranging from 100 to 115 feet, and their leaves are long and wide. The wider the tree’s trunk, the more nutritious the Kratom leaf; based on this, Kratom growers have created many different brands out of a single Kratom strain. But before we describe the Kratom strain, you should know about the Kratom colors.

Kratom Colors

Next, in this mini Kratom bible, we’re going to talk about how a single Kratom tree can produce different Kratom colors. A lot of research has been conducted to identify these colors, but here’s what we have discovered so far.

A single Kratom strain can have three different alkaloid concentrations. How? That’s because of the three different vein colors associated with the Kratom leaf. As the Kratom leaf grows, it’s vein changes from green to white and changes to red when the leaf becomes mature.

  • White Kratom: It’s the initial growth stage where the vein color is pure green, signifying the presence of pure but limited amounts of alkaloids.
  • Green Kratom: This Kratom comes from the leaves that have grown on to exhibit green-colored veins.
  • Red Kratom: The Kratom extracted from the mature leaves contains the highest concentration of alkaloids and few impurities as well.

What’s the Kratom Strain?

No Kratom Bible would be complete without the mention of the Kratom strain. As Kratom grows in many countries and locations, it has a lot of variety. Some varieties are still unknown to the world.

A Kratom strain grown in one location may have a different alkaloid concentration compared to the one grown in another location. But how? This Kratom bible has the answer.

This difference may be due to the following characteristics:

  • The temperatures the Kratom tree receives.
  • Humidity and high temperatures are suitable for Kratom growth.
  • The age of the tree; the older the tree, the better will be the number of alkaloids.
  • How good is the soil? Is it nutrition-rich?
  • The amount of rainfall the Kratom tree receives.

Based on these, there are different Kratom strains on the market. Here are just a few of the many strains discovered so far:

How is Kratom Extracted?

Kratom is extracted from the Kratom leaves. Kratom growers harvest the trees periodically, based on how often it produces leaves. After harvesting the leaves, they leave it in an open space to dry. Then, the leaves are either packed directly or sent for further processing.

There are different Kratom extraction techniques adopted on a commercial scale. Some of them include:

  • Coldwater extraction method
  • Multisolvent heatless extraction
  • Ultrasonic Kratom extraction

OPMS Kratom deploys the cold water extraction method. How effective is it? You can find it in the post: OPMS Kratom Review: Good, Bad, or Average,

These techniques are quite effective in delivering the highest amount of alkaloids in solid-like or liquid forms. However, no matter what Kratom Bible you read, you’ll always find grinding and crushing as the basic and most common techniques.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is quite common, as it is way cheaper than liquid extracts. This is due to the crushing and grinding of the leaves, which are not too expensive. However, you don’t get the highest alkaloids with these methods. Kratom powders are available in all colors.

Kratom Capsules

In most cases, Kratom powder is packed in gelatin shells to manufacture the Kratom capsules. However, advanced manufacturers also manufacture high-quality capsules, such as OPMS Kratom Gold.


The information stored in this Kratom bible is sufficient for you to carry on with your Kratom exploration. You can read our Kratom blog to find Kratom news, updates, reviews about Kratom vendors, and much more.

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