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Do you love to live a self-sustained lifestyle? Growing herbs have been a hobby of many gardeners and farm owners in the US. Among these, it is not uncommon for many kratom enthusiasts to consider growing the kratom herb in their garden. However, many new gardeners often do not know how to use kratom for gardening. If you can relate to this, worry not because this article will guide you well.

You see, Kratom is not like a regular plant that can grow in all types of weather conditions. Instead, the kratom tree grows the best under certain environmental conditions. In short, to successfully grow kratom, you need to get a number of things right! These include the right temperature, humidity level, sunlight, water, and soil.

But first, let us talk about the seed itself.

How to Use the Kratom Seed?

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a plant that is a part of the coffee family. Before asking, ‘how to use these kratom seeds for gardening?’ you should actually be concerned about ‘where to get kratom seeds?’

This is because obtaining fresh kratom seeds in the US is not as easy as it sounds. Indeed, you can always buy kratom in the form of kratom capsules and powder. However, fresh seeds are relatively rare in the US because only a select number of kratom enthusiasts buy them.

Still, some stores that offer kratom for sale may also have seeds available. However, whether these seeds will be viable for gardening or not is a different story. Typically, kratom seeds lose their fertility within a few days after the harvesting phase.

Hence, you will have to directly import freshly harvested kratom seeds from Southeast Asia. Some specialty kratom stores may be able to help you out with this. But even if you do obtain fresh seeds, note that all seeds will not germinate.

So, if you are wondering how to garden Kratom, it is important to plant many fresh seeds in a single go. This is to ensure that at least one sprout comes up. In case you see multiple of them, you can always pull the extra sprouts out.

Best Conditions to Grow & Use Kratom for Gardening

Now, we come to your main question, ‘how to use kratom for gardening’. For gardening purposes, you need to thoroughly understand the conditions in which kratom grows the best.

Generally, farmers in the Southeast Asian region grow kratom effortlessly for two reasons. Firstly, they are very well equipped with all the relevant knowledge related to kratom. Secondly, Southeast Asian forests have highly fertile soil with a pH of 5.5 – 6.5. With that, the consistency of this soil also matters a lot. Along with that, the right temperature and humidity levels are also important.

Naturally, it is hard to find such conditions in the United States. However, kratom experts can mimic these conditions in a controlled environment to a good extent. So, if you ask ‘how to use kratom for gardening’ – our first advice is not to plant it outdoors.

Typically, we suggest you keep the humidity levels between 72 to 74 percent (Sumatra humidity levels). Along with that, make use of HPS lights for the best results.

Is it Difficult to Use Kratom for Gardening?

We have already cleared out all your expectations. So, know you probably have a decent idea about using kratom for gardening. As for the difficulty of growth, it depends on your general gardening knowledge and your knowledge of Kratom.

If you feel like you lack knowledge of kratom, consider taking a look at every kratom forum out there. You are likely to find plenty of topics about growing kratom that will further enrich your knowledge. With that, our kratom blog is also a good source for you to freshen your general kratom knowledge.

To increase your chances of success, purchase kratom seeds from direct importers only. In the most ideal case, the seeds should be extremely fresh otherwise the chances of germination will be too low. Furthermore, make sure to double-check the origin of the seeds.

This is because seeds belonging to different kratom strains require slightly different growth conditions. So, the key to successful growth results is a highly precise and controlled environment. If you can set such an environment up by artificial means, then you’re all set.

Still, trying to figure out more about kratom gardening. Do not hesitate to reach out to Reddit kratom experts to discuss more. Discussions with other kratom growers can be highly beneficial for new gardeners.


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