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The world of Kratom is quite huge. Over ten thousand kratom vendors in the US currently sell kratom capsules, powder, and kratom extract. Further, depending on the kratom strain, products can have varying properties. Hence, we suggest you read up about each strain before purchasing any kratom product.

In this article, we specifically talk about kratom extract. To learn more about other kratom products, feel free to browse through other posts on our kratom blog.

What is Kratom Extract?

Kratom extract is an alkaloid isolate that comes from Kratom leaves. Generally, there are two types of extracts. Either, you can buy a full-spectrum extract or an isolate of a particular alkaloid such as Mitragynine.

As the name implies, a full Kratom extract contains the entire range of alkaloids present in Kratom. These include the two primary alkaloids 7-HMG and Mitragynine. Furthermore, depending on the kratom variety, up to 25 other alkaloids may also be present in a full spectrum kratom extract.

In comparison, an isolate contains a single substance out of the entire range. For instance, you can find isolates of pure Mitragynine. Similarly, pure 7-HMG isolates are also available in the market.

So, when you go to a kratom store to buy kratom extract, do check whether any particular product is an isolate or a full extract.

How is Kratom Extract Made?

Well, it is easier to make full extract in comparison to isolates. However, compared with other forms of kratom such as powder and capsules, extracts as a whole are more expensive.

This is because they are relatively harder to produce and require a very controlled environment. With the right equipment, only highly experienced experts can do this work. Furthermore, the making of kratom extract is a slow process. This further adds up to its costs.

If we talk about water-based kratom extracts (the most commonly available form), they require more labor and effort. But on the brighter side, they contain a higher percentage of alkaloids in comparison to kratom tea.

First, farmers gather raw high-quality leaves of Kratom from nearby trees. After that, farmers wash the leaves properly to remove dirt. Once the leaves are fully clean, they go inside a mixture of water and ethanol. With that, citric acid is also sometimes added until a pH level of 4 is achieved. This is because kratom extract can only be made in an acidic mixture.

After adding all the items and achieving the desired pH level, experts shake the mixture to mix it all well. Sometimes, machines are also used for this purpose in some modern kratom plants.

After shaking, experts place the resulting mixture in a dark room for around 2 weeks. Lastly, experts strain the entire mixture out and let it evaporate until the volume is half. This results in a thick liquid extract which then goes inside tincture bottles.

Sometimes, kratom brands also add glycerin to balance the acidity of the mixture. However, many kratom extracts in the market do not contain glycerin. So, if you prefer a mixture with a balanced pH, look for products that have glycerin in them.

Storing Extract of Kratom 

Generally, you should place all types of kratom herb products away from light. The same rule also applies to Kratom extract. This is because light can interact with the alkaloids, hence stealing the properties of the product away. This results in reduced quality. And this is exactly why kratom enthusiasts often store their kratom products in dark kitchen cabinets.

Another factor to take care of is temperature and moisture. Ideally, you should store your kratom extract in a cool environment with less moisture. This will ensure a longer life and higher freshness.

Where Can You Get Enhanced Kratom from?

If you want to purchase kratom extract, simply head to a specialty store that offers kratom for sale. Typically, only a select number of stores sell kratom extract. So, you may have to search around a little.

One suitable method to find good quality kratom extract is to buy from kratom online stores. Buying online is more convenient as it allows you to quickly scan through many options and you are more likely to find better deals.

But before you choose any particular store, do not forget to check its reputation. For the best value, never settle for products that look suspicious.

In case you prefer to buy high-quality capsules or powder instead, feel free to check out the huge collection at our store, ‘Kratom Source USA’.


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