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When you want to buy Kratom, there are two popular options. You can either order Kratom online or buy from your local stores like headshops, gas stations, and vape stores. If you’re someone buying from your local stores, then the OPMS Kratom is not a new name to you.

Even though online Kratom is the most popular option some buyers still prefer local stores. OPMS Kratom is a branded Kratom, which is one of the oldest Kratom brands in the US, available in local gas stations and other stores for decades. If you are interested in OPMS Kratom and the different types of Kratom products available under this brand name, keep reading as we will cover everything in this article.

OPMS Kratom: The Basics

What does OPMS stand for? It stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions and sells primarily only two herbs, Kratom and Kava. The brand was founded in 2005 and has now been the most common one found in local stores and gas stations all across the US (except in the six states where Kratom is illegal).

The head office of the brand is based in Los Angeles, California, but the products are available in all states where Kratom is legal. As the brand is working for more than 15 years in the industry, and still leading the local market, it says a lot about its quality products.

However, there is one limitation. The brand only sells through local stores and a limited number of strains. You can’t find their products online easily and the brand doesn’t offer its products on its website.

However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the brand partnered with a few online stores to sell its products online. This means you can now even buy OPMS Kratom online at some stores, like Fast Incense.

OPMS Kratom Product Range

Even though OPMS Kratom is a popular brand, if compared to online stores like Kratom Source USA, the product range and forms are limited. They sell only Kratom capsules, Kratom liquid, and Kratom powder, which too of limited strains.

The brand sells Kratom under different product lines that include:

  • OPMS Silver
  • OPMS Gold
  • OPMS Liquid

Other than that, there is also the OPMS Kava product line.

Now, the key question is, what are the available Kratom strains? Well, unlike many online vendors who sell dozens of Kratom strains, OPMS sells only limited strains that include:

So you can’t buy popular Kratom strains like Red Bali Kratom and a few more under the OPMS Kratom brand. Similarly, there is also a limitation when it comes to vein color variation most are available in green vein variation, and only limited strains like Maeng Da are available in Red vein Kratom.

There is also one limitation, you can’t buy OPMS Kratom from your local store unless you are 18 years old or older.

OPMS Liquid Kratom – What Is It?

Wondering what OPMS Liquid Kratom is? Simply speaking, OPMS Liquid Kratom is the name given to a Kratom extract that is famous for possessing a high concentration of alkaloids. These Kratom extracts are primarily found in two different types – Isolates and Full Spectrum extracts.

Isolates are created by extracting only one single alkaloid whereas Full spectrum extracts possess the entire range of alkaloids. The OPMS Liquid Kratom is a Full spectrum extract as it provides the whole range of alkaloids found in the Kratom leaf. It is said to be the most sought-after product provided by OPMS Kratom. This Liquid Kratom variety is available in 8ml bottles which are in 45-bottle cartons.

OPMS Kratom Prices

The prices offered by OPMS Kratom are affordable, if not very cheap. For example, their OPMS Gold capsules are available mostly for $17.99 for 2 ct, $26.49 for 3 ct, and $43.49 for 5 ct.

Similarly, for OPMS Liquid, you can buy one bottle for $17.99.

Here are prices for OPMS Silver for the most popular strains:

  • 30 ct of Green Maeng Da is available for $8.99
  • 30 ct of Red Maeng Da is available for $8.99
  • 30 ct of Green Malay Kratom is available for $9.79
  • 30 ct of Red Sumatra is available for $9,79
  • 30 ct of Green Thai Kratom is available for $8.69
  • 30 ct of Super Green Borneo Kratom is available for $9.79
  • 30 ct of White Indo Kratom is available for $8.99

These prices are just wholesale prices, but they may vary based on the local store you are buying from. Also, if you buy a larger pack, you can get a better deal.

For example, when 16 ct of White Indo is available for $6.49, the 480 ct of the same strain is available for $73.99.

What is the General Feedback about OPMS Kratom?

Overall, the feedback about OPMS Kratom is positive. As one of the oldest brands in the US, you can also read about OPMS references in several Kratom news or Kratom forums. Most customers are happy about their quality, packaging, and prices.

Where Can You Find OPMS Liquid Kratom?

Those who regularly buy OPMS Kratom products know that this vendor does not provide its products on its website. However, they provide their Kratom to different shops all over the US that provide Kratom for sale. These shops can be categorized into two groups: Local Kratom shops and online Kratom shops.

The local Kratom providers who sell OPMS Liquid Kratom include Smoke and Vape shops, Pubs and Bars, Gas Stations, and so on. These shops are a great way to get your Kratom on the same day! However, is there anything better than getting your Kratom delivered right to your doorstep?

If this option sounds fun, then the online Kratom shops are a must-visit for you! There are thousands of Kratom vendors providing top-quality Kratom such as OPMS Liquid Kratom online. Just make sure to choose a reliable vendor!

Is OPMS Kratom Legit?

OPMS Kratom, without a doubt, is one of the go-to Kratom brands if your local gas station is your Kratom source. However, if you want to buy a larger variety of Kratom strains and other product forms, then it is better to order from a store like ours that has a comprehensive collection of Kratom strains and vein colors.

Don’t Forget To Check Out Our Products Catalog

While OPMS Kratom is popular among customers, their limited Kratom strain is always a concern for Kratom enthusiasts. Other than that, it is all good. Want to learn more about other Kratom brands and online vendors? Keep reading our Kratom blog.


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