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Who doesn’t know about Kratom nowadays? It is often talked about in the news and on various forums on the internet. If you like to read about Kratom, you may have already heard about the Red Horn Kratom – a Mitragyna Speciosa variety that is predominant in the Borneo Islands.

The most distinctive quality of Red Horn Kratom is that it comes from the horned kratom leaves. Unlike the regular kratom, these leaves have pointy horn-like edges along the side of the leaf. And this is where this variety gets its name from.

Red Horn Kratom is around for centuries. While the natives of Borneo Island have been growing this kratom variety for hundreds of years, the modern world discovered this variety not too long back.

Today, we at ‘Kratom Source USA’ are the prime sellers of high-end Red Horn Kratom in the US. Our Red Horn Kratom is not just authentic, but also very easy on the pocket. Unlike other stores, we do not charge extra and still provide a far higher value in the form of the highest quality Kratom products.

What is The Red Horn Kratom?

Red Horn Kratom is one of the many kratom strains that you can find in the US. In some ways, this kratom strain might be very similar to the Indo Kratom. This is especially true if it is sourced from the Indonesian part of Borneo.

However, since Borneo Island is huge, it has distinct environmental and soil conditions. And that is why the kratom that comes from this region is unique.

According to some experts, the horn-like edges on the leaves of the Red Horn Kratom are due to a small genetic mutation. But this is not just limited to the physical appearance. Rather, it affects the leaf on the component level.

Overall, the Red Horn Kratom has a high amount of alkaloids. While Kratom contains 40+ alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the most notable of these. Even among these, the levels of Mitragynine are much higher in comparison to 7-hydoxymitragynine.

The relative amounts of these two alkaloids determine the quality of kratom. And if you study various varieties of kratom on the component level, you will notice that they all have a distinct combination of these alkaloids. This is where the uniqueness of strains arises from.

Should You Buy the Red Horn Kratom?

You might be wondering whether you should buy the Red Horn Kratom. Well, this is a very open-ended thought. For as long as you have access to high-quality Red Horn Kratom, then there is no reason why you should not get this strain.

However, the Red Horn Kratom is not a usual strain. This kratom variety has a high demand and a limited supply. As a result of this, it is often out of stock in small third-party stores and headshops. Furthermore, many low-end kratom brands sell other regular kratom varieties under the fake label of ‘Red Horn Kratom’.

So, only ever buy the Red Horn Kratom from the most reliable and trustworthy kratom stores. In this regard, our store, ‘Kratom Source USA’ is quite reliable. After all, we source our Horned Kratom directly from the top farms in Borneo.

And since we import this kratom variety in bulk, our stock is always full. So, you can get as much as you want, for just the perfect price. Since we specialize in bulk kratom, you can get attractive discounts on larger purchases. So, what is stopping you?

Alternatives to The Red Horned Kratom

It would be wrong to say that the Red Horn Kratom is the most popular variety. Other varieties such as the White Horn Kratom are also very famous. Similarly, some buyers also prefer the Green Vein Horn Kratom the most. That preference simply varies from buyer to buyer.

The kratom composition of different color varieties can be subtly different. So, do not expect the white and green-horn kratom to be identical to the red horn kratom. While some aspects may be similar (due to the same underlying strain), they are three different varieties.

As a buyer, you need to understand the differences between the colors. When you know what to expect, you will be able to make better buying decisions.

To learn more about various kratom colors and their common qualities, visit our Kratom blog. Here, we put together everything that you should know about kratom as a buyer. So, do not ignore this golden opportunity to expand your knowledge about Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa).


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