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Kratom comes in different colors and forms. Although it’s a plus for Kratom’s versatility, the huge variety complicates matters for people who want to buy Kratom. Once you familiarize yourself with different Kratom strains, it becomes easy to pick a favorite.

One of the common favorites among Kratom enthusiasts is Red Thai Kratom. Like all other red vein strains, this one is also high in alkaloid content, thus, popular among veterans or experienced Kratom buyers.

At Kratom Source USA, we stock different Kratom colors, including Red Kratom. Besides Red Thai Kratom, you can buy Kratom powder for other red vein strains too.

What is Red Thai Kratom?

Let’s break it down for you: Red Thai Kratom is a combination of the strain color and the plant’s origin. The name itself gives away all you need to know about this Kratom variety.

The ‘Thai’ indicates that Red Thai Kratom comes from Thailand. The majority of Kratom strains get their names from their native lands. For instance, Red Sumatra Powder is called so because the plant from which the powder is derived grows in Sumatra.

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country where Kratom growth and sale is one of the largest businesses. Since the region’s climate and rainfall level is suitable for Kratom growth, the plant grows there abundantly.

The local farmers are skilled in cultivating Kratom. Thus, they know well when and how to plant Kratom to get maximum yield and the highest quality. Apart from Thailand, some other countries known for Kratom growth include Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

The second part of the name – Red – refers to the color of this strain. A common misconception among newbies is that all colors grow on different trees. In reality, all Kratom colors come from the same tree.

White Kratom comes from the youngest Kratom leaves. During this time, the alkaloid content is still developing.

As the chemical content increases, the leaves change color and turn white. Farmers harvest these leaves and send them for further processing to make green kratom.

Lastly, when the plant matures fully, the alkaloid concentration is the highest. That’s where Red Thai Kratom and all other red strains come from.

Since they take longer to grow, these leaves are more expensive. Thus, red Kratom capsules and powder are often slightly costlier than the other two colors.

Forms of Red Thai Kratom

The most common types of Red Thai Kratom are powder and capsules. However, you can also find the strain as tinctures, extracts, and liquid.

Red Thai Powder

Most enthusiasts prefer buying powder because it’s cheaper than other forms. Also, it is used for making Kratom tea. However, Kratom powder comes with a few restrictions.

Firstly, you must store it in an airtight container. Otherwise, any contaminant in your pantry can spoil the whole packet. Secondly, you have to be extra careful if you take Kratom powder along when traveling.

Red Thai Capsules

New enthusiasts are more inclined towards Red Thai Capsules because it’s easier to store them. Capsules already come in packaging, so you don’t have to worry about contamination.

Besides, you can keep the capsules in the glove compartment while traveling. Simply put, there’s no portability hassle.

However, when you order Kratom online, you have to ensure that the capsule shell does not contain harmful ingredients. Try to buy capsules with high-quality shells.

How to Buy Red Thai Kratom?

If you want to up your Kratom game from green or white vein to Red vein Kratom, Red Thai is the best place to start. If you search for Kratom shops near me you’ll find tons of stores in your region.

Local stores are much easier to access since they’re often within walking or driving distance. As always, be careful while purchasing uncommon strains like Red Thai Kratom. You can read Yelp or Google reviews before heading over to a local shop.

Alternatively, you can buy Red Thai Kratom from online vendors. Most people report satisfactory kratom experience when shopping online since these vendors are committed to providing the best products. Additionally, you’ll also find budget-friendly prices online. To save more money, look for shops that offer free delivery on all orders.

Or, you can search for coupons or discount codes on their Facebook page. If it’s your first time buying from a website, you’ll most likely get a first-timers discount too.


Being a Kratom enthusiast, you must want to try different strains but may be too confused or hesitant to choose one. Take our word for it: Red Thai Kratom won’t disappoint. If you’ve bought it from a trustworthy seller, the strain might even become a favorite of yours.

Want to learn more? Why don’t you visit our Kratom blog?


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