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Which Kratom colors do you often buy: Red Kratom, White Kratom, Gold Kratom, or Green Kratom? If you’ve visited our website or have gone through the Kratom blog section, you’d know that Green Kratom is more common than other colored Kratoms. Before you start questioning this statement, allow us to explain why.

In this post, you’ll learn all the basics of green Kratom, its popular products, and places to buy. So, start reading!

What is Green Kratom?

Green Kratom is one of the main Kratom strains extracted from the Kratom leaf. Actually, this one is extracted from the youngest leaves, so it is more common compared to other Kratoms. Let’s get into details.

The Lifecycle of a Kratom Leaf

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A Kratom leaf goes through three stages to reach maturity. To find out the exact growth stage, Kratom growers inspect the vein color of the leaves. Newly grown leaves exhibit dark green or green vein color, which indicates that the leaf contains pure alkaloids. However, since it is the early stage, there will be lesser alkaloids.

The green leaf gradually loses its color tone and turns white, which is the second growth stage. It’s a sign that the leaf has reached an intermediate stage, showing relatively higher alkaloid concentration along with some impurities. Next comes the maturity stage.

This entails red-veined leaves showcasing the highest amounts of alkaloids. At the same time, they have more contaminants and impurities. The Kratom extracted from the mature leaves is called Red Kratom.

Green Kratom Popularityorder green kratom capsules

This Kratom subspecies is quite common, which makes it widely popular. A Kratom leaf has to complete a cycle to turn its vein red. On the other hand, a Kratom tree never stops growing new leaves. Most harvesters don’t often wait that long, probably because they have to meet the ongoing demand.

While Kratom enthusiasts may be more interested in buying the red Kratom, green Kratom has gained a strong reputation among new buyers. This is due to the lower alkaloid concentration.

It is available in powder, capsules, even in the liquid Kratom extract.

Green Kratom Products

Here are green Kratom’s two of the most common products:

Green Kratom Powder

One of the most common Kratom extracts is the powdered form. First, the Kratom leaf is left in the sunlight to dry so that the moisture content and vapors may evaporate. Then, the leaves are transferred to the facilities where they are crushed and ground into Kratom powder.

Green Kratom powder is manufactured in the same way. However, depending on the Kratom strain, its color may differ. Some Kratom strains give super green powder, while others render mild green with a visible brownish or yellowish tone.

If you want Green Kratom powder, you’ve got a lot of choices. Some of the most sight after products are listed below:Green kratom for sale

You can buy some of these from the local vape shop or Kratom store. But, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to get so many choices. However, if you choose to buy Kratom online, the list is way too long.

Not only can you buy the best Kratom strain available, but you can also save a lot of money. Yes, cheap Kratom is a possibility, especially when you buy from Kratom Source USA.

Green Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are relatively new Kratom forms and arguably the most popular as well. In most cases, Kratom powder is encapsulated in Gelatin coated shells to form capsules. These are slightly expensive but more sophisticated as compared to Kratom powder.

You don’t have to guess how much Kratom to take as all capsules have more or less the same amounts of alkaloids. While all green Kratom capsules have almost similar prices, they may have different alkaloid concentration levels. This basically happens because of the Kratom strain.

If you’re looking for options, here are some of the high-selling Kratom capsules for you:

At Kratom Source USA, we promise to give you the best price on our Kratom products. You can buy a 100-gram for just $24.99.

Final Words

The above-mentioned Green Kratom powders and capsules have a starting price of just under $25. If you purchase them in bulk, you’ll get more discounts, plus an opportunity to get free shipping.

Moreover, Kratom Source USA members can earn up to 140 points, which will be added to their account. Upon reaching a certain level, you’ll be entitled to get free capsules or powders.

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