Red Sunda Powder

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Red Sunda Powder

The Sunda Islands feature the best tropical conditions for the sustenance of high-quality kratom varieties. This is because it is situated right between 4 countries that are known for their unique kratom strains. Hence, Sunda Kratom is an umbrella term that comprises of the kratom found in the Sunda Island. But what makes the Red Sunda Powder so special?

The Red Sunda Powder is obtained from the red vein kratom leaves, that are hand-picked on exclusive farms. These farms usually employ the most experienced farmers, particularly because the growth and sustenance of Sunda Kratom are not easy. Hence, skilled labor is required for its cultivation.

The leaves used in the production of Red Sunda Powder feature red veins and stems. However, this variety is also avidly sold in other kratom colors. But since Red Kratom leaves are mature, they have a high quality in terms of their alkaloid composition. After the hand-picking phase is over, these leaves are dried indoors for the most part and are then let outside near the end of the drying phase. Once the leaves are fully dried, they are crushed and ground.

Sometimes, people who buy kratom are interested in a unique variant known as Bentuagie Kratom. This variety is simply obtained by fermenting the red kratom leaves of the particular strain after the drying phase.

The crushing is usually done by hand while the grinding is done by industrial grinders. However, some farms employ automated processes in which both the crushing and grinding are done automatically in a series.

Once crushed, the kratom powder is either encapsulated in natural shells to produce kratom capsules, or they are packaged right away.

Salient features of Our Red Sunda Powder:

  • 100% authentic Red Sunda Powder
  • Produced with strict quality control
  • Packaged securely
  • Fully fresh
  • Quick delivery

Apart from the Red Sunda Powder, we also have many other varieties of kratom for sale. So, if you are interested in more, feel free to scroll through our extensive catalog.


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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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