White Sunda Powder

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White Sunda Powder

Sunda Kratom is among the rarest yet highly demanded kratom strains in the marketplace. Sometimes, veteran kratom enthusiasts who regularly buy kratom are willing to spend higher to obtain this variety. Our White Sunda Powder comes directly from the Sunda Islands, located in the Malay Archipelago. The Greater Sunda Islands contain four major Islands that include the Sulawesi Island, Borneo Island, Sumatra Island, and Java Island. At the same time, the majority of Lesser Sunda Islands are a part of Indonesia that include the Timor Island, Flores Island, Bali Island, and a few others.

Our White Sunda Powder is obtained from some of the highest quality farms present in these White Sunda Powder. Despite the limited supply of this kratom in the marketplace, we work hard to consistently import this strain for our devoted customers.

The main reason for a limited supply of White Sunda Powder is deforestation in the Sunda Islands. While at some point, this kratom strain was avidly found in the dense rainforests of these Islands, deforestation has resulted in a significant loss of kratom trees.

Still, Kratom advocates are working to preserve this strain and to supplement its growth in these regions.

Salient features of Our White Sunda Powder

  • Made with high-quality standards
  • Authentic Sunda Kratom
  • Obtained from exclusive farms
  • Fresh, with a secure packaging

To manufacture our White Sunda Powder, experienced farmers on exclusive farms hand-pick the best White Kratom leaves. From there, kratom manufacturing experts then carry out controlled drying processes. Once dried, the leaves are then fed into industrial crushes and a fine White Sunda Powder is obtained.

Sometimes, it is also encapsulated to create all-natural kratom capsules (yet another form of Sunda Kratom that is high in demand). Finally, it is securely packaged and exporter to our store, Kratom Source USA.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
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