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Due to its popularity, the demand for Kratom is increasing all over the US. That’s why you can buy Kratom from different sellers today. However, with increased options, there’s a lot of confusion too.

Enthusiasts are often overwhelmed by the idea of choosing the best place to buy Kratom online because there are way too many options out there. Also, you can never be too sure if a vendor is selling high-quality products.

But, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to help you find the best place to purchase Kratom. In this review, we’ll discuss Kratom Syndicate, which is quite a young Kratom vendor.

Kratom Syndicate Review

Kratom Syndicate is a US-based Kratom vendor that started its operation in 2016. For a temporary period, the seller closed their services in 2017 but resumed them later. Now, they’re back with more products and better service.

We have to admit the seller’s website and logo aren’t very inviting. To some people, they may even look sketchy. However, this shouldn’t be of concern because the seller is reputed in the Kratom community.

Kratom Syndicate Products

One of the best aspects that we came about in this Kratom Syndicate Review is that they have different types of Kratom. You can buy anything from Kratom powder to Kratom capsules for different Kratom colors.

The website’s layout isn’t very user-friendly, so you may have a bit of trouble navigating through it. However, you can find all products there, including rare Kratom strains.

If you want to shop from a website with a user-friendly interface, head over to Kratom Source USA. Along with finding all your favorite strains, you’ll also be able to grab free shipping for orders over $150.

Kratom Syndicate Review reveals that this brand offers a wide range of products, including white, red, and green vein Kratom. They stock the following strains:

However, you won’t find Gold Kratom at Kratom Syndicate because they do not stock yellow vein Kratom. If you want to try new strains, you’ll see them all at Kratom Source USA.

Kratom Syndicate Review – Price Range

Generally, the prices, as, Kratom Syndicate Review reveals, are pretty much in line with the market rates. The capsules are vegetarian-friendly, so it’s understandable why the prices are a bit higher.

The price for 200 capsules is around $69 for most strains. If you want to buy Kratom powder, it’s available in bags of different sizes and capacities.

  • For 125-gram bags, the price range goes from $30 to $35 for different.
  • For 500-gram bags, the price is up to $80 for most strains.

Besides these common strains, Kratom Syndicate sells a Signature series, in which Elite Maeng da is the most popular option.

Kratom Syndicate also sells Kratom extract, which ranges from $18 to $89. However, if you want to buy the Crystal Skull Extract, it costs around $169.

If you want to get discounts on your purchase, you should follow the seller on Facebook. On their social media pages, they give coupon codes for buyers. Sometimes, they also give gift certificates to regular buyers.

Additionally, Kratom Syndicate’s products often go on sale during the year. So, look out for sales to bag some discounts.

Keep in mind that Kratom Syndicate does not offer wholesale prices for their products because they do not sell bulk Kratom. If you want to buy Kratom kilo packs, you can find them at Kratom Source USA as we specialize in the bulk sale of Maeng da and other Kratom strains.

How to Contact Kratom Syndicate?

If you want to get in touch with Kratom Syndicate, you can send them an email. Alternatively, you can send them a voice mail at 503-324-6617 to ask a question about your Kratom purchase.

Kratom Syndicate Review Conclusion

Upon reading customer reviews on Kratom Syndicate’s website, we concluded that the seller is top-rated among buyers. People are happy with the prices, considering they’re cheaper than some other sellers in the market.

Additionally, the customers also liked the packaging. Kratom Syndicate sends Kratom products in airtight tin packaging. Apart from being fancy, the packaging also protects the products from oxidative damage.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, it’s safe to say that Kratom Syndicate is a trustworthy seller that you can purchase Kratom. Besides common strains, you can also get signature blends from the vendor.

However, if you want to buy wholesale Kratom or rare Kratom strains, go to our website where you’ll find all your favorite Kratom varieties. Plus, our products are tested for quality and 100% pure, so you’re in for a wonderful Kratom experience. You can also follow our Kratom blog for more informative posts.


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